Nintendo Interested in Using Smartphones & Social Networks

…Just Don’t Expect to Be Playing Mario on Them

More and more details appear to be emerging about Nintendo’s recent investor Q&A briefing in Tokyo last Friday, and the latest piece of news concerns the 3DS’ dreaded foe, the smartphone (at least it is according to some analysts).

According to Siliconera, one of the attendees asked Nintendo CEO, Satoru Iwata, if the company would ever consider licensing Nintendo properties out to other companies, thus expanding them to non-Nintendo devices such as smartphones.  Iwata stated that this would not happen, mainly because Nintendo worries about tarnishing the solid reputation that many of its franchises hold.

However, that’s not to say that Nintendo haven’t got their eye on things like social networking and the online features typically offered by today’s mobile phone.  Siliconera sums up perfectly what Iwata had to say with regards to this:

While Nintendo aren’t interested in bringing their games to non-Nintendo consoles, they are interested in using devices like smartphones to promote their business indirectly. “It is meaningful that we should ask ourselves the question about a closed circle where Nintendo platforms only connect to other Nintendo platforms,” Iwata told investors.

Iwata gave an example of a scenario where a player might use a Nintendo console to send a message to his friend’s smartphone, asking to join up for a game, stating that Nintendo are “very interested” in how to make use of smartphones and social networking services for their business.

“We are currently drastically changing our way of thinking regarding networks, which might have looked very closed before,” Iwata stated. “We would like to respond to the changing times in this way, and our basic policy is to keep the value of our software assets and to do business in a manner where these assets are not easily depleted.”

Nintendo has had a great deal of success with its Wii and DS advertisements on British TV, for example, and this is reflected in its ability to get many non-traditional gamers to buy its products.  Nevertheless, if it wants to keep attracting the young and savvy, having an app or online social presence elsewhere could be the key to maintaining its dominance.

Source: Siliconera

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