Vita Will Not Release in North America or Europe Until 2012

Damn You and Your Apocalyptic Ways, 2012

In an interview with the Associated Press, Sony Corps. Executive Vice President Kazuo Hirai today confirmed simmering fears that the Vita would not be globally available before the Holiday season.

Originally, Sony had planned a “phased global rollout” and most presumed that this would occur in time for ye olde festive gift-giving in December. Indeed, movie and videogame rental outlet Blockbuster erroneously listed the Vita for a 28 October release.

Speaking in riddles, Hirai claimed the later release of early next year for North American and European gamers was to assure “solid game software offerings timed with the hardware launches.” The Japanese, laughing at the puny Westerners and their poor diets, will still receive the Vita before the end of 2011.

Source: CVG

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