Promises a Positive Approach to Pre-Owned Games

Gone Postal

The organized evil that is pre-owned game sales is an oft maligned practice cited to cause game publishers to lose out on much revenue which should be rightfully theirs. In response, a number of publishers have developed alternate means to reclaim some cash from gamers who buy used; online passes, launch day DLC, and pre-order bonuses are just some of the methods or incentives used to promote the purchase of new games over used ones and funnel more cash straight to the game publishers. This long-standing feud between the industry and its consumers is about to learn that a new sheriff is in town. is looking to create a viable alternative to retail used gaming chains by providing a convenient way to trade and purchase competitively priced games. An attractive pricing plan is meant to draw in the masses of gamers looking for a deal, presumably along with a great selection of titles. To attract publishers and developers into the bargain, PostalGamer is shooting a percentage of used game sales straight back to them; according to PostalGamer’s own estimation, the first 4-5 years of the service will see over $500 million being paid back. At the same time, PostalGamer will be providing marketplace research data to companies, such as average trade-in prices and the time span between a game’s release to it being traded in for another title. This data will (hopefully) serve to educate developers and publishers to make good marketing decisions with future projects.

Too see just how well the service will do exactly will require us to wait until it officially launches later in 2011, and of course will depend in large part on the cooperation of the industry and consumers alike. And what implications will the trend in the industry to go digital and leave tangible media behind have on this endeavor?

Source: GamePro

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