Skyrim Collector’s Edition Has PVC Dragon

By Azura!

Following months of speculation, um-ing and ah-ing and wild conspiracy theories, Skyrim‘s lead designer Todd Howard today announced the hugely anticipated RPG’s Collector’s Edition.

The limited edition will feature a making-of DVD with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and an interesting glimpse into the game’s production; a cloth map of the frigid province of Skyrim; a hard-cover art book, “The Art of Skyrim”, with 200 pages of full-colour sketches and illustrations; and the big one, a 12-inch tall statue of Skyrim‘s naughty dragon god, Alduin, forged in the finest PVC by the sturdiest of Nordic smiths.

But, there’s a catch: it’s not free. I know, right? In fact, you’re going to have to fork out quite a bit and you’re going to have to do it fast, as the Collector’s Edition is available only in “extremely limited quantities”. Retailing at $149.99 in the USA, £129.99 in the UK, €149.99 in the Eurozone and AU$199.99 in Australia, you’ll probably have to hoard your next pay cheque.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim releases on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 worldwide on 11 November.

Share Your Thoughts: As far as collector’s editions go, is Skyrim‘s overpriced?

One Response to “Skyrim Collector’s Edition Has PVC Dragon”
  1. Chad M. says:

    I’ve got to wonder: just what the eff is with the trend of including these statues in Collectors Editions? Do people really want more tacky plastic crap to collect dust on their shelves?

    They better make the cloth map available separately. Really, that’s the kind of thing that, in the fabled “olden days” would ship WITH the standard edition.

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