France Can’t Stand the Rain, Receives a Downgraded Version of PS3 Thriller

Today’s Forecast: Mild Rain in France

Australians are finally able to enjoy games which would have been banned a short few months ago, due to the use of an improved ratings system that allows for games with mature content to be released uncensored instead of banned. But now it seems a very similar practice is taking shape in France.

Sony’s PS3-exclusive you-either-love-it-or-hate-it interactive thriller Heavy Rain has received a bit of a downgrade in adult content. A new “Edition Modifiée” has been released for French gamers, featuring a reduction or altogether removal of scenes of graphic and sexual violence from the game, metamorphosing it from a PEGI 18+ to a 16+ rating.

While Sony didn’t give a public reason for its decision to modify the game in this regard, it did state that this somewhat censored version would only be released in France, and wouldn’t affect gamers in other territories.

Perhaps it’s not a full-blown case of Australia’s recently resolved gaming woes, after all. But as someone who has just recently completed my own playthrough of the game – a full year and a half after its release – I’ve got to wonder how much of the game’s emotional impact and sympathy for the characters will be lost with a watered-down version like this?

Source: GamePro

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