Indie Adventure Raises Questions of Life, Love and Happiness

A Breath of Fresh Air

Amid many recent attempts by the media to malign gaming as some sort of rage-inducing training tool for killers, Freebird Games is offering a positive face for games in the form of their upcoming RPG-esque indie adventure, To the Moon.

Traditional RPG and adventure tropes usually dictate characters that engage in battle with villains and monsters to level up their stats and creating awkward combinations of inventory items to solve a puzzle. To the Moon takes a much more unique approach: it asks the question “What would you give to experience true love, true happiness?”. The game deals with questions of mortality, fate, fortune, the human spirit and the choices we make in life that determine our path.

An aging man has been given, through the miracle of science, the chance to go back and relive his life, and to fix the mistakes of his past. The price: it will be the last thing he ever does. Are there some things for which no price is too high?

Using a charming old-school art style and a gripping, emotional musical score by Laura Shigihara (Plants vs. Zombies), To the Moon looks set to be a fine example of how thought-provoking and socially enriching games have the potential to be. But don’t just take our word for it; the trailer below showcases the game’s impact in a much more powerful way.

Source: GamePro

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