Crisp Automated Security to Put a Stop to MMO Harassment in TERA

The Crisp Smell of Online Security

Who hasn’t, at some point or another, sat down to a rousing game of EverQuest II, World of Warcraft, or any of the myriad free-to-play MMOs whose popularity is literally surging to all-time highs lately, and been irritated by somebody spamming their wares in community chat? How many of us can honestly say that we’ve not run into that elusive jerk who gets his thrills harassing other players verbally? And what chat window hasn’t been filled needlessly with messages from bots, phishers, or gold farmers? In a genre whose main draw is its online interactions with others, these antisocial experiences can really throw a damp towel on the fire.

Upcoming MMO TERA (The Exiled Realm of Arborea) is looking to change the landscape of MMOs by eradicating much of these unsavory practices. Using an automated security platform called Crisp, which touts an impressive 98.4% accuracy when it comes to sniffing out digital evildoers and perpetrators of antisocial evils. The program can even deal with low-level issues directly, letting TERA‘s human support team deal with more immediate problems. It’s like having your very own army of Robocops out there policing your game, and making the world a better place one spammer at a time.

Crisp is far from a new technology, though. It is already being used by companies such as EA, SOE, Lego, and Ubisoft, and used in games played by almost 400 million gamers worldwide. Patrick Wyatt of TERA publisher En Masse Entertainment had the following to say about the advantages of using Crisp:

 MMOs are judged by how well they deliver a compelling gameplay experience. A crucial element is how well they respond to and deal with anti-social behavior and threats such as gold farming, griefing and spamming — unchecked, these threats can destroy even the most popular online games.

[Source: GamePro]

2 Responses to “Crisp Automated Security to Put a Stop to MMO Harassment in TERA”
  1. Robin says:

    I would like to see how this operates. The danger is in creating a system which can penalize ‘well-behaved’ players – but if this can be avoided or minimized all may be well.

    Though I will almost certainly never play this game – I hope it succeeds to some degree so that I can enjoy seeing this artwork again (with the possible exception of the small bear. Apparently there are also catgirl-esque fairies, which is worrisome. The decision to include the bear but not the catgirl in this image is a marketing trick that I do not fully understand).

  2. Encrazed Crafts says:

    Here’s hoping it will do well on all fronts. Been aching for something more actiony and less mathy on the MMO front. Also having to hit a button to dodge an attack interests me as well, as running a few feet in any direction to avoid a fire being the sole threat got kinda old after a few years >.>

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