Konami’s Champion Jockey Delivers a Shaming Dose of Realism

…and the Horse You Rode in on

Remember E3, and the general consensus after Microsoft’s press conference about how silly and ridiculous the motion sensing in games like Star Wars Kinect and Future Soldier was? Well get ready to eat your words, ‘cos you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Konami’s Champion Jockey is getting set to blow them all out of the water.

In order to properly ride your horse, you’ll be put more into the shoes of an actual jockey than anybody in their right mind ever thought of being! Steering, making your horse gallop, and especially putting on a race-winning burst of speed in the straightaways require some ludicrous movements. It’s easy to guess why the guy in the trailer looks uneasily fixated on the game; how would you feel if you had a captive audience, much less a camera, trained on your every move with this game? But don’t worry about the two-player head-to-head – chances are, most of us have too much dignity to perform this circus alongside another human whose respect we’d dearly like to keep.

Suddenly, a few open-and-shut hand movements don’t seem so bad anymore, do they?

One Response to “Konami’s Champion Jockey Delivers a Shaming Dose of Realism”
  1. Armand K. says:

    This device was created purely for the entertainment of onlookers.

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