Bodycount Demo Now Available on Xbox Live Marketplace


Over-the-top first-person shooter Bodycount is now free to demo via the Xbox Live Marketplace. Described as the spiritual successor to the very loud, very explosive Black, Bodycount casts you in the role of Jackson, a former US soldier working for “The Network”, a shady organisation pulling strings behind the world stage.

Promising all sorts of projectile-based mayhem, Bodycount art director Max Cant described the game as “an A-Team experience”.

The demo drops players in an African warzone where they must track down a warlord who’s been terribly naughty and massacred an entire army unit. When will these people learn? Never, that’s when!

Perform skillful headshots and combos and players will earn “Intel” which can be used to upgrade Jackson’s arsenal on the go, including explosive rounds, adrenaline shots and airstrikes. I can almost smell the testosterone, and it smells like blood, sweat and spent cartridges.

Bodycount releases on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on 30 August in North America and 2 September in Europe. A PlayStation 3 demo is expected to follow shortly.

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