Mass Effects Promised for Series Players; Meanwhile, ME3 Is Billed as Standalone Title

An Effect Without a Cause

Speaking at Gamescom, BioWare had a surprising revelation about Mass Effect 3‘s place in the franchise’s canon. Despite being a direct follow-up to its two prequels and ending the trilogy, the game, releasing in March across all platforms, is being touted as being a standalone title, and being the perfect starting point for anyone unfamiliar with the series.

This claim is sure to raise quite a few skeptical eyebrows, and likely frighten the bejeesus out of stalwart RPG enthusiasts the world over. However, BioWare aims to placate your nerves, likening ME3 to a certain six-movie space opera, which kicked off over thirty years ago with its fourth episode. According to BioWare, the first two games in the Mass Effect universe offer great context and background to experience the third movie, but are by no means necessary to enjoy the game, much like George Lucas’ Star Wars prequel trilogy enhances, but is in no way mandatory to view, the original movies. Of course, from a marketing perspective, pretty much every sequel ever made has been hailed by its developers as “the perfect starting point”.

More exciting is the promise to see the game take shape before your very eyes, as actions you’ve taken – even during the first two games – have an effect on events in the third title. Not only that, but the path your Commander Shepard has traveled up to this point will result in emotionally climactic events, promising cathartic payoffs for those faithful who’ve taken the trek through all three games.

[Source: GamePro]

2 Responses to “Mass Effects Promised for Series Players; Meanwhile, ME3 Is Billed as Standalone Title”
  1. Chad M. says:

    Prequel trilogy enhances the originals my ass!

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