FemShep: The Public Have Spoken


The public have cast their votes: steering ahead of her blond doppelgänger – once a favourite -, the redheaded Commander Shepard, voiced by industry veteran Jennifer Hale, will now be BioWare’s default female in next year’s Mass Effect 3 and will feature in the game’s advertising.

The redhead seems to have been a more popular alternative. Despite sharing the same face, the blond Shepard attracted some degree of negative attention – famously from one writer at PC Gamer – for appearing overly feminine.

To celebrate, BioWare has released a special FemShep wallpaper. Have a butcher’s. Butcher’s hook. Look, you know?:

One Response to “FemShep: The Public Have Spoken”
  1. Joe Walker says:

    I liked blonde FemShep. She wasn’t overly feminine, but I did like the contrast between her lighter hair and the dark armor. I also found the dichotomy between her perceived “Barbie” appearance and her hard-edged “no nonsense” attitude.

    But what do I know.

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