L.A. Noire Developer Goes into Administration

Game Over for Team Bondi

L.A. Noire developer, Team Bondi, went into administration on 30 August, according to a SmartCompany report. The sad news confirmed rumours of impending closure after the company recently sold off most of its intellectual property and assets to Kennedy Miller Mitchell, a multimedia production house in Sydney.

This year’s hit crime-thriller L.A. Noire was the only game Team Bondi ever produced within its eight-year life.

Plagued with financial woes during the game’s overly long development, Team Bondi also underwent investigation by IGDA earlier this year after news emerged that during L.A. Noire‘s almost perpetual “crunch period” (the heavy workload before development deadlines), some staff worked as many as 110 hours a week for up to two weeks at a time without official overtime pay. One member of the team described studio founder and CEO Brendan McNamara as “the angriest man he’d ever met” and the working conditions intimidating.

These allegations were the final straw for Rockstar in their strained relationship with Team Bondi. Without any capital, the Australian-based developer was left to an uncertain future.

Unless the company is merged with another, permanent dissolution of assets and employees seems inevitable.

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