BnBGaming: The Next Step Forward

That’s One Small Step for BnB, One Giant Leap for Gamingkind

The times, they are a-changin’. It’s been an eleven-month journey here at BnB and a new, exciting adventure for us all. While true appreciation and adoration can wait until our first birthday next month, it goes without saying that you, the reader, are the reason we’re still around. So, truly, thank you! Pour yourself a brandy, you old rascal. It’s on us.

But there’s more to this update than heart-warming nostalgia and pats on the back. On behalf of everyone on-board the site, it gives me great pleasure to announce that we will be undergoing a major technical/visual overhaul in the coming days. As I type, we are in the process of moving domain hosts which means more flexibility for us. As a result, then, you may well experience some difficulties accessing the site: if doesn’t work, will.

Of course, you’ll also have to graciously accommodate the fact that something calamitous may occur and the process is delayed. While the transition should take place before the weekend is out, it’s possible that our new face won’t be around for all to see until early next week. Remember, nothing worked at Jurassic Park on its first day, either.

But ah yes, our new face! That’s the other thing – we’re undergoing a little bit of cosmetic surgery. While our current look – or theme – has served us well for nigh on a year, it’s unfortunately rather unworkable and terribly rigid. New Hollywood BnB brings with it increased organisation and categorisation, a sleek design and importantly, far more customisation options for us.

For BnB, it’s a new horizon, a renaissance if you will. We’re levelling up and marching on to conquer; though our path to game journalism domination is still a lengthy one, we believe BnB v2.0 will bring us that little bit closer. Bear with us, folks!

– The BnB team

2 Responses to “BnBGaming: The Next Step Forward”
  1. Encrazed Crafts says:

    Best of luck on the upgrade/transition. I know that I about blew a gasget just from swapping themes on my wordpress, but you guys are probably in far better techie hands than I had available ^_^

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