CoG 2011: The Hall of Heroes Opens


Encircled by moats of lava, wrought high upon the deepest dungeons and roamed by the foulest, most fearsome creatures ever glimpsed by man, in this first annual Celebration of Games, BnBGaming presents to you The Hall of Heroes, a vast, timeless vault of remembrance and commemoration. Carved from the finest marble and encrusted with glistening jewels and precious stones, within its hallowed walls stand magnificent monuments to the greatest and most influential of the games industry, gods amongst their peers and true heroes.

The Divine Electors of BnB ruminated and pondered, and pondered and ruminated some more: out of such a talented, passionate throng of creative minds whose work stretches back decades across all corners of the globe, who could possibly be immortalised in the Hall in its inaugural year? Oftentimes, the Electors would sit upon their sagely rocks of wisdom and weep, for the task was so great and they knew not how they might choose; even the sweetest of angelic harps and finest goblets of ambrosia could not quell their sadness.

They spoke to the heavens: “Which designer has influenced a generation with their work? Which artist has inspired a new virtual world of imagination with pencil and brush? Which writer has evoked the spectrum of human emotion through the written and spoken word? Which composer has created beautiful, enduring music? And which developer has combined the sum of its talents so successfully that it ought be forever remembered and celebrated for its bountiful labours?”

After much toil, the heavens answered: nominations for the greatest game designers, artists, writers, composers and developers were sent forth, and a most pious of votes took place. The victorious were decided and their fate in The Hall of Heroes sealed for all eternity.

Throughout this week’s Celebration of Games, the triumphant in each of the five commemorative categories shall be announced on the following dates:

Tuesday, 6 September: The Hero of Designers – Shigeru Miyamoto

Wednesday, 7 September: The Hero of Artists – Yoshitaka Amano

Thursday, 8 September:  The Hero of Writers – Jane Jensen

Friday, 9 September: The Hero of Composers – ?

Saturday, 10 September: The Hero of Developers – ?

Make ready your hearts and eyes for the week’s ceremonies.

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