Welcome to the Celebration of Games!

The BnBGaming First Annual Celebration of Games, 5-11 September 2011

Though some may tut or roll their eyes in disapproval and disbelief, videogames are becoming – if they haven’t become already – an integral part of human expression, just like music, film and literature. The journey hasn’t been an easy one, either: from humble beginnings in the early ’70s, where beeping white blocks were the height of interactive entertainment, the games industry has overcome adversity from just about every avenue to sit proudly on its throne as the largest entertainment industry on the planet, producing a medium which supplies both wholesome fun and deeply innovative, engaging story-telling.

That, we think, is worthy of celebration. Annual celebration, even. Indeed, every year, beginning on this date, we shall hold a week-long festival – the Celebration of Games – to honour and appreciate our most favourite past-time, to really stop and marvel at these truly amazing things we call videogames.

Each year, the Celebration of Games will operate under a certain theme and on this occasion, it’s “The Games that Made Us Gamers”. Think about that one for a moment. What game made you a gamer? Really a gamer? We’re not necessarily talking about the first game you ever played – though perhaps the spark of romance really did blaze on day one? -, but rather the game that deeply and profoundly intrigued and affected you, one which opened your mind to gaming, captivated your mind during and after play, influenced your tastes, your imagination, your styles of play and perhaps most importantly of all, your self.

Every day this week, the team, with their cunning and sorcerous wordsmithery, will share with you a little a bit about the games that made them gamers. As you and they breathe in the sweet vapours of the drug “nostalgia”, more exciting content will be waiting for you: we’ve got The Hall of Heroes, where we will commemorate the most talented and influential figures in the industry, a special-edition Friday Roundtable and PodBytes, and to really abet that festive spirit, a competition.

So, pull out a crate of your favourite beverage, heat up the cocktail sausages and don your party hats – we’re going to have a fun week!

– Martin

Check Out the Games that Made Us Gamers:

Martin: Super Mario World

Declan: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Chad: Warcraft II – Tides of Darkness

Armand: ?

Tom: Sid Meier’s Pirates!

Sebastian: Killer 7

Pascal: Final Fantasy VI

Rexly: Metal Gear Solid

Dan: ?

Isaac: ?

Richard: Beautiful Katamari

 Jeremy: Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles

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