Max Payne 3 Inbound for March 2012 Release

The Return of Max Payne

To the relief and excitement of fans, Rockstar have confirmed Max Payne 3 for a March 2012 release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC after the game disappeared into obscurity following its announcement in March 2009.

According to today’s press release, we find the tormented Mr Payne in Sao Paolo working as a security contractor in the employment of a wealthy industrialist and his family. When city gangs begin targeting Max’s employer, our embittered protagonist finds himself embroiled in a new, violent conflict where his old demons continue to haunt him. The third game, supposedly, will bring his tale to an end. Supposedly.

One of the series’ most defining features, the slow-mo “Bullet-Time”, will return improved. An “intelligent” cover system is also promised to complete the “cinematic action experience”.

Multiplayer will grace the series with its presence for the first time. Though largely unexplained, Max Payne 3 will support clans and a “deep reward and levelling system.”

Expect more information to bubble to the surface after the game is demoed at the First Look Expo in the Netherlands next month. In the meantime, be content with the trio of new screenshots below:

Share Your Thoughts: Has Rockstar’s blurb on Max Payne 3 reassured or concerned you? Are you anticipating the addition of multiplayer?

One Response to “Max Payne 3 Inbound for March 2012 Release”
  1. Chokepoint says:

    My thoughts are that multiplayer in a game like this isn’t always a good thing. It’s a bit like when multiplayer was included in Bioshock. It didn’t necessarily ruin it, but the game didn’t need it all.

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