The Rebirth of Text Adventures?

Are text-based games secretly plotting a coup de tat from behind the scenes, to usurp all power and rule the world? No, but they could be making a comeback nonetheless.

CoG 2011: Credit Where Credit is Due

Richard Horsefield takes an analytical look at one of gaming’s most ignored aspects. You know, that part when the credits roll?

The Games That Made Us Gamers: Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles

Guest writer Jeremy Thackray recalls the good ol’ days of multiplayer hack ‘n’ slash. Join him as he discusses Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles.

The Games That Made Us Gamers: Super Mario World

Martin takes a look back at the game that changed his life forever: Super Mario World.

New Modern Warfare Short-Film Builds Anticipation for Third Game

An impressive promotional short film released in preparation for Modern Warfare 3 shows Taskforce 141 on a hunt for war criminal Makarov.

ForceTime: If You Hate GameStop, Put Up or Shut Up.

In this week’s ForceTime, in the wake of the “Deus Ex scandal”, Sebastian calls out the gamers who criticize GameStop’s ignoble retail practices while still buying from them.

Positive Impact on Children When Parents Play Games with Them, Study Finds

Who said Little Timmy’s brain was rotting in front of that darned games machine? No one, that’s who! In fact, new PopCap-headed research suggests a positive impact on children when their parents play videogames with them. Hooray!

ForceTime: Why Are Gamers Letting Rage Screw Them Over?

This week, ForceTime discusses the problem with Rage putting singleplayer content behind a paywall.

Friday Roundtable: Should Gamers Still Embrace “Geek” Culture?

Despite games touching every demographic, there still remains an exclusive or privileged air amongst its more enthusiastic followers; are in-jokes, memes, novelty T-shirts and 8-bit music an embarrassing throwback to a less sophisticated age? The Bits ‘n’ Bytes Gaming Gang is here to talk it out!

ForceTime: No More Credits

In the debut of ForceTime, Sebastian discusses the circumstances surrounding the “Extra Credits” debate.

Game, Set and Math: Levelling and Customisation Systems in Shooters

Guest writer Richard Horsefield takes a look at the RPG-ization of shooters with levelling and point-gathering in a case study of Halo: Reach. Is the FPS the new home of “the grind”?

More Than Half of Britons, French, Germans Play Videogames, Survey Finds

Approximately 153 million adults in the UK, France and Germany spend a combined sum of nearly €12 billion on videogames each year, a new survey finds.

Nintendo Announces London Date for Legend of Zelda Concert

Confirmed for 25 October, 2011.

Monkey See, Monkey Do: Videogames and Violent Behaviour

One week after the Norwegian attacks, the finger is already being pointed at videogames as a source of inspiration for Breivik. Of course, such media blame-shifting is nothing new. Declan asks if violent videogames really do lead to violent behaviour as he weighs the evidence in BnB’s cramped and unfortunately Judge Judy-less courtroom. Monkey see, monkey do, right?

I Want to Get to Know You, Female Commander Shepard

We don’t always play FemShep, but when we do, she can kill the Geth and Collectors just as well as her male counterpart.

Friday Roundtable: Are Games Too Violent?

Oh, hello there! You caught me gnawing on the leg of an orphaned child. What’s that you say? Games too violent? Pah! Balderdash and piffle… well, that’s according to some of the team in this week’s Friday Roundtable.

Minecraft and Terraria: Two Very Different Games

Minecraft and Terraria share similarities in gameplay and design, but some core and fundamental differences show one as yet another game, and the other a near spiritual experience.

The Shifting Tone of Valve’s Marketing

How Valve have been refining their marketing strategies, and why they’re headed in the right direction.

Page to Pixel: Conan

What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to play videogames featuring everyone’s favorite barbarian!

PopCap’s Charity Auction Enters Final ‘Wave’

Want fossilised Peggle unicorn artwork? Well, bid in the final part of PopCap’s charity drive and it’s yours!

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