Should Nintendo Develop for iOS Devices?

As Nintendo continues to take a battering from its first quarter losses and poor 3DS sales, investors and analysts start to offer alternatives that could propel the company back to full strength. One of those ideas is for the Big N to start developing for iOS devices, such as the iPhone. If Nintendo ever did this, what would it look like? Martin puts on his speculating hat and tries to answer the question on many people’s minds: should Nintendo develop for iOS devices?

Monkey See, Monkey Do: Videogames and Violent Behaviour

One week after the Norwegian attacks, the finger is already being pointed at videogames as a source of inspiration for Breivik. Of course, such media blame-shifting is nothing new. Declan asks if violent videogames really do lead to violent behaviour as he weighs the evidence in BnB’s cramped and unfortunately Judge Judy-less courtroom. Monkey see, monkey do, right?

Why EA Will Come Crawling Back to Valve

Chad takes time to rant about the two possibilities of EA’s pulling of games from Steam.

X-Com Publisher Claims Strategy Is a Dead Genre, Angers Chad

2K’s Christoph Hartmann claims strategy “isn’t contemporary”; Chad spends time thinking up fresh insults and insight.

Friday Roundtable: Are Games Too Violent?

Oh, hello there! You caught me gnawing on the leg of an orphaned child. What’s that you say? Games too violent? Pah! Balderdash and piffle… well, that’s according to some of the team in this week’s Friday Roundtable.

Minecraft and Terraria: Two Very Different Games

Minecraft and Terraria share similarities in gameplay and design, but some core and fundamental differences show one as yet another game, and the other a near spiritual experience.

The Shifting Tone of Valve’s Marketing

How Valve have been refining their marketing strategies, and why they’re headed in the right direction.

Why the Hell Don’t Game Developers Have a Bill of Rights?

With the recent emails coming out from Team Bondi’s employers about their work conditions, I ask a simple question: Why the hell don’t game developers have a Bill of Rights?

The Personalities of E3

Chad taps into his inner tabloid journalist to talk about some of the varied personalities of this year’s E3.

New Trailer Shows 2K Still Doesn’t “Get” X-COM

Chad takes the time to ponder just what 2K is thinking. Or perhaps what they’re smoking.

A Condensed Guide to the Forgotten Realms

Chad presents a quick guide to the places and people of the Forgotten Realms, the setting of Atari’s new Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale.

Tough as Nails: Spider-Man & X-Men: Arcade’s Revenge

Martin dons his costume and attempts to be a superhero. Unfortunately, this game doesn’t make him feel particularly super.

Don’t Like Sequels? Shut Up and Let the Rest of Us Have Fun

Some of the game industry’s best games have come the second time around. Don’t hate games just because they have a number on the end.

Missing in Action: TimeSplitters 4

Martin takes a trip back in time to revisit one of the greatest videogame series ever. Could TimeSplitters make up for lost time and return to our screens one day? Check out Martin’s thoughts inside!

Pachter: “Project Café Could Wind Up Like the Dreamcast.” Joe: “Nuh-uh.”

Joe looks back into gaming history to see what Sega and Nintendo have in common.

Aim For Their Feet: How the Gears of War 3 Beta Taught Me About Myself

Joe figures out why he sucks at Gears of War 3 and learns more about how he’s crazy in the process.

An Open Letter to Sony

A letter to Sony from a dissatisfied consumer.

Overrated: The Truth About Videogame Reviews and The Power That They Wield

Videogame reviews have now become so influential that a good or bad score for a piece of software is enough to essentially make or break a game. However, under the surface, a review isn’t necessarily what it seems. Martin explores the videogame review system by highlighting the dark side of the practice, and argues why reform is desperately needed.

Are Consoles Holding PC Gaming Back?

Battlefield developer Patrick Bach claims consoles are holding the PC back. Chad looks into his assertions…

Alliance of Awesome – Episode 1

Wherein four game writers discuss open world and sandbox games, Neptune’s Pride, and I say a swear word.

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