Tough as Nails: Flashback

Dan takes a look at 16-bit adventure Flashback and discusses it’s technical accomplishments, it’s fist gnawing difficulty and the very English tendency towards masochism. Plus jungle mutants.

Welcome to the Celebration of Games!

The first annual BnBGaming Celebration of Games begins now! Get the week’s buzz inside.

Friday Roundtable: Games and Piracy: Is It Black and White?

You wouldn’t steal a wallet, nor would you steal a car, so why steal a game? But why should we put up with DRM and exorbitant costs? Is piracy ever justifiable? The team share their thoughts in this week’s Friday Roundtable.

Top 5: Game Endings

In this edition of our Top 5, we say to hell with gameplay, art style, and level design; the ending’s where it’s at, Baby!

Missing in Action: Jedi Knight

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Martin played one of the greatest Star Wars videogame series ever made. But did this once-celebrated series disappear during the Great Purge, or is it hiding out on the planet of Dagobah waiting to one day bring balance back to the Force?

Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PC)

Chad puts on his mirrorshades and unravels the conspiracies at the heart of Eidos Montreal’s prequel to Deus Ex.

Friday Roundtable: Are Large Publishers Doing More Harm Than Good?

Is the games industry being slowly suffocated by larger publishers with only money-signs in mind? In this week’s FRT, the team ask if these companies are doing more harm than good.

PodBytes – Episode 9: Pre-Owned Games

In the ninth installment of the PodBytes podcast series, the team discuss the evils of corporate greed and pre-played games purchases. How insightful of us!

Interview: Legend of Grimrock Dev Team on Their Upcoming CRPG

Legend of Grimrock is the debut game by indie developer Almost Human. The game fuses classic dungeon crawl RPGs with modern graphics and UIs, promising a much anticipated experience for fans of old-school gaming. We asked the developers some of the questions burning in our yearning hearts!

Friday Roundtable: Do Games Benefit from Celebrity Voice Acting?

“Find him, and close shut the jaws of Oblivion!” is pretty much all Patrick Stewart said in his brief flirt with the Elder Scrolls series. Worth the tens of thousands of dollars? In this week’s Friday Roundtable, the team debate the value of celebrity voice acting in games.

Review: Bastion (PC)

Bastion review

A strong contender for the Game of the Year, Bastion is the debut game by Supergiant Games that delivers excellent gameplay, innovative storytelling, and beautiful art and music. Read the full review to see why you need to get this game.

ForceTime: Why Are Gamers Letting Rage Screw Them Over?

This week, ForceTime discusses the problem with Rage putting singleplayer content behind a paywall.

Instant Replay – Episode 3: Faxanadu

Faxanadu is an old-sch00l (and we mean NES-old!) action-RPG, with elements of games like Adventure of Link and The Battle of Olympus. With great music, unique enemy designs, and plenty of international influences, we take a look if this game, once praised for its quality, still stands the test of time.

Friday Roundtable: Should Gamers Still Embrace “Geek” Culture?

Despite games touching every demographic, there still remains an exclusive or privileged air amongst its more enthusiastic followers; are in-jokes, memes, novelty T-shirts and 8-bit music an embarrassing throwback to a less sophisticated age? The Bits ‘n’ Bytes Gaming Gang is here to talk it out!

ForceTime: No More Credits

In the debut of ForceTime, Sebastian discusses the circumstances surrounding the “Extra Credits” debate.

Well Played – Episode 1: Earthbound & The Getaway

Well Played, BnB’s new podcast series, is here to set the record straight on games both naughty and nice. In Episode 1, Pascal, Armand, Martin, and Rexly take on the SNES classic Earthbound and the PS2 pretender The Getaway.

Friday Roundtable: Indie Gaming: Clique, Sub-Industry or the Future?

Has mainstream gaming lost its way in a vast, dark forest of annual sequels and miserly investors? Is indie gaming the David to the Goliath: against all odds, will it save us all from stagnation? In this week’s Friday Roundtable, the team share their thoughts on the industry’s smaller scale.

Top 5: Sidekicks

Because Mario will never outjump Toad; because Jak just can’t out-smartmouth Daxter; because Sora’s got zero chance against the Heartless without Donald and Goofy…we show some love to the videogame sidekick.

Friday Roundtable: Interactive Hollywood: Have Games Become Too Cinematic?

Are we doing too much watching and too little playing? Are developers focusing on flash rather than substance? In this week’s Friday Roundtable, the team shares their thoughts on gaming’s increasing cinematic direction.

PodBytes – Episode 8: Is There a Cutoff Age in Gaming?

The team responds to an article by Winda Benedetti, which in itself was a response to statements made on NBC’s Today Show about the pathetic nature of older gamers; the world cowers in fear of our collective wrath.

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