Tough as Nails: Flashback

Dan takes a look at 16-bit adventure Flashback and discusses it’s technical accomplishments, it’s fist gnawing difficulty and the very English tendency towards masochism. Plus jungle mutants.

Sunday Morning Cheer: Game of Thrones 16-Bit RPG brings to life HBO’s Game of Thrones as a 16-bit RPG – or at least a few snarky scenes from it.

The Games That Made Us Gamers: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Declan recalls his time spent in the outlandish world of Morrowind. His adventures changed him forever.

Well Played – Episode 2: Deadly Premonition & X-Com

In Well Played’s very first second episode, Sebastian, Armand, Chad, and Pascal take on (and take apart) the cult mock-horror PS2 title Deadly Premonition and PC classic X-Com.

The Games That Made Us Gamers: Killer7

Revisit the insanity of Killer 7 with Sebastian as he talks about the game that made him a gamer.

Sunday Morning Cheer: Mario Meets With His Agent

Mario wouldn’t be the man his is today without some exceptional PR on his side in the early days: meet Mario’s agent!

Top 5: Game Endings

In this edition of our Top 5, we say to hell with gameplay, art style, and level design; the ending’s where it’s at, Baby!

Summer Overlord: Black & White 2

Repent, heathen, for you know not the Word of Deklanus! Look upon his words and despair, for he is mighty and vengeful and is intolerant of Black & White 2 in the final edition of Summer Overlord.

ForceTime: If You Hate GameStop, Put Up or Shut Up.

In this week’s ForceTime, in the wake of the “Deus Ex scandal”, Sebastian calls out the gamers who criticize GameStop’s ignoble retail practices while still buying from them.

PodBytes – Episode 9: Pre-Owned Games

In the ninth installment of the PodBytes podcast series, the team discuss the evils of corporate greed and pre-played games purchases. How insightful of us!

Summer Overlord: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

Blugh, sorry, I’ve just come off the Hipster Coaster, and I think my spleen imploded. What’s that? Oh, yes, yes: this week’s Summer Overlord looks back on RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, the first of the theme park management games to delve deep into 3D. *vomits*

ForceTime: Why Are Gamers Letting Rage Screw Them Over?

This week, ForceTime discusses the problem with Rage putting singleplayer content behind a paywall.

Instant Replay – Episode 3: Faxanadu

Faxanadu is an old-sch00l (and we mean NES-old!) action-RPG, with elements of games like Adventure of Link and The Battle of Olympus. With great music, unique enemy designs, and plenty of international influences, we take a look if this game, once praised for its quality, still stands the test of time.

The Life and Times of a Pseudo-PC Gamer

Guest writer Sebastian Clarkin laments the dearth of Mac games available not only on Steam, but industry-wide. Won’t you damn well listen to him, developers? Such is the life of a pseudo-PC gamer.

Summer Overlord: Tycoon City: New York

This Saturday, Declan toddles off to New York City and promptly returns home. It’s all gnashing of teeth and bitter wails in this weekend’s Summer Overlord.

For the Love of Isometric RPGs

for the love of isometric rpgs

Guest writer Robin Booth takes a trip down memory lane and recounts his love for isometric-RPGs. Has something been lost during the transition from isometric to full 3D?

ForceTime: No More Credits

In the debut of ForceTime, Sebastian discusses the circumstances surrounding the “Extra Credits” debate.

Well Played – Episode 1: Earthbound & The Getaway

Well Played, BnB’s new podcast series, is here to set the record straight on games both naughty and nice. In Episode 1, Pascal, Armand, Martin, and Rexly take on the SNES classic Earthbound and the PS2 pretender The Getaway.

Page to Pixel: Betrayal at Krondor

Chad takes a look back at the games based on Raymond E. Feist’s fantasy novels set in the world of Midkemia.

Summer Overlord: Startopia

In this week’s Summer Overlord, Declan returns from deep space with tales of aristocratic space slugs, a sarcastic AI and artificial nature reserves. O Startopia, why were you forgotten?

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