Friday Roundtable: Games and Piracy: Is It Black and White?

You wouldn’t steal a wallet, nor would you steal a car, so why steal a game? But why should we put up with DRM and exorbitant costs? Is piracy ever justifiable? The team share their thoughts in this week’s Friday Roundtable.

Friday Roundtable: Are Large Publishers Doing More Harm Than Good?

Is the games industry being slowly suffocated by larger publishers with only money-signs in mind? In this week’s FRT, the team ask if these companies are doing more harm than good.

Friday Roundtable: Do Games Benefit from Celebrity Voice Acting?

“Find him, and close shut the jaws of Oblivion!” is pretty much all Patrick Stewart said in his brief flirt with the Elder Scrolls series. Worth the tens of thousands of dollars? In this week’s Friday Roundtable, the team debate the value of celebrity voice acting in games.

Friday Roundtable: Should Gamers Still Embrace “Geek” Culture?

Despite games touching every demographic, there still remains an exclusive or privileged air amongst its more enthusiastic followers; are in-jokes, memes, novelty T-shirts and 8-bit music an embarrassing throwback to a less sophisticated age? The Bits ‘n’ Bytes Gaming Gang is here to talk it out!

Friday Roundtable: Indie Gaming: Clique, Sub-Industry or the Future?

Has mainstream gaming lost its way in a vast, dark forest of annual sequels and miserly investors? Is indie gaming the David to the Goliath: against all odds, will it save us all from stagnation? In this week’s Friday Roundtable, the team share their thoughts on the industry’s smaller scale.

Friday Roundtable: Interactive Hollywood: Have Games Become Too Cinematic?

Are we doing too much watching and too little playing? Are developers focusing on flash rather than substance? In this week’s Friday Roundtable, the team shares their thoughts on gaming’s increasing cinematic direction.

Friday Roundtable: The Big 4: Will Apple Change the Games Industry?

As Apple’s popularity continues to grow at a ridiculous pace, Seb, Tom, Chad, and Armand look past the mountains of portable audio players and tablets to discuss one of gaming’s most burning issues: Will Apple change the games industry?

Friday Roundtable: Are Games Too Violent?

Oh, hello there! You caught me gnawing on the leg of an orphaned child. What’s that you say? Games too violent? Pah! Balderdash and piffle… well, that’s according to some of the team in this week’s Friday Roundtable.

Friday Roundtable: What Makes a Classic Game?

Are classics born or made? Is a “classic” game simply one person’s opinion, or is it an objective title awarded to an experience that fulfils certain criteria? Does a good retro game automatically become “a classic”? Can a classic be born overnight? Struggling to keep their heads from exploding, the team share their thoughts in this week’s Friday Roundtable.

Friday Roundtable: Regenerative Health in Shooters

Nothing like taking a shotgun blast to the stomach and walking away unscathed. Wait? Only in games you say? Damn it. Regenerative health is so ubiquitous, you’d be forgiven for forgetting all about the health packs and minor lacerations of old. Is the auto-healing mechanic of most modern shooters an immersion-breaker or a handy way to stay in the action? The team share their thoughts in this week’s Friday Roundtable.

Friday Roundtable: Has MMO Design Gone Stale?

Is it time for “kill x of y” quests to move over? Have we had enough of dungeon queues and instances? Over the last few years, it seems that MMOs have done little to advance beyond the mantra of “copy World of Warcraft”. Is there room for change, and is it wanted? In this week’s Friday Roundtable, the team ponder the current state of the genre.

Friday Roundtable: The Wii U: Will It Sink or Swim?

Will the Wii U succeed or fail?

The Wii U has brought about something of a dichotomy. For some Nintendo fans, it is the company’s trademark innovation at its finest; for others, it is a disappointing, half-baked update. In this week’s Iliad-sized Friday Roundtable, Pascal, Martin, Sebastian, and Kyle discuss these thoughts and how they will affect the Wii U’s buoyancy.

Friday Roundtable: Our Thoughts on E3 2011

E3 has been and gone, leaving promises of exciting games and hardware in its wake. But was this year’s big gaming event all it was cracked up to be? The team discuss the Los Angeles expo in this week’s Friday Roundtable.

Friday Roundtable: Casual Games: To Be Scorned or Embraced?

In this week’s Friday Roundtable, the team grapple with the Cold War of the games industry, the casual vs. hardcore conflict. Are casual games really that bad? Is the division between the lunch-break gamer and the enthusiastic role-player a symbol of our past time’s diversity, or is it an uncomfortable rift threatening to poison the buds of a still fledgling game industry? Oh, the questions!

Friday Roundtable: Should Games Portray Romantic and Sexual Relationships?

In this week’s Friday Roundtable, the team get all soppy and Sex and the City and discuss the portrayal of romance and sex in videogames. *sniff* Are ‘adult’ themes done well in their present videogame forms, or are they better left out?

Friday Roundtable: Is There Still Room for Innovation in Videogames?

The crew talk about how good ideas will fit into the future of the industry.

Friday Roundtable: What Makes a Gaming Gimmick?

The crew decide what it really means for something to be a gimmick – and if it’s really such a bad thing.

Friday Roundtable: What Will Happen to Sony?

The BnB crew discuss the ramifications of “PSN-gate” and how they, as Sony customers, feel about the situation.

Friday Roundtable: Our Favorite Controllers

The crew takes a trip down memory lane to discuss their favorite game controllers.

Friday Roundtable: DLC, Pre-Order Bonuses and Micropayments

Do DLC, pre-order bonuses and micropayments detract from or add to the gaming experience? It’s all about the extras in this week’s Friday Roundtable.

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