The Rebirth of Text Adventures?

Are text-based games secretly plotting a coup de tat from behind the scenes, to usurp all power and rule the world? No, but they could be making a comeback nonetheless.

CoG 2011: The Hall of Heroes – The Hero of Composers

The Hall welcomes its first Hero of Composers. But who?

Friday Roundtable: Games and Piracy: Is It Black and White?

You wouldn’t steal a wallet, nor would you steal a car, so why steal a game? But why should we put up with DRM and exorbitant costs? Is piracy ever justifiable? The team share their thoughts in this week’s Friday Roundtable.

Eidos Montreal to Create 350 New Jobs by 2015

Eidos Montreal is to create 100 new jobs by 2012 and 350 by 2015, according to a news report.

L.A. Noire Developer Goes into Administration

Insolvent Team Bondi hits rock bottom as firm is placed into administration.

Friday Roundtable: Are Large Publishers Doing More Harm Than Good?

Is the games industry being slowly suffocated by larger publishers with only money-signs in mind? In this week’s FRT, the team ask if these companies are doing more harm than good.

ForceTime: If You Hate GameStop, Put Up or Shut Up.

In this week’s ForceTime, in the wake of the “Deus Ex scandal”, Sebastian calls out the gamers who criticize GameStop’s ignoble retail practices while still buying from them.

Xenoblade Chronicles Makes It into UK Charts, Zelda Climbs Also

Nintendo’s JRPG makes a considerable impression on the UK charts.

Positive Impact on Children When Parents Play Games with Them, Study Finds

Who said Little Timmy’s brain was rotting in front of that darned games machine? No one, that’s who! In fact, new PopCap-headed research suggests a positive impact on children when their parents play videogames with them. Hooray!

En Garde! Markus Persson Challenges Bethesda to a Duel

In an effort to settle the ongoing legal dispute between Mojang and ZeniMax Media, Minecraft creator Markus Persson has challenged Bethesda to a Quake III duel.

More Than Half of Britons, French, Germans Play Videogames, Survey Finds

Approximately 153 million adults in the UK, France and Germany spend a combined sum of nearly €12 billion on videogames each year, a new survey finds. Promises a Positive Approach to Pre-Owned Games

Organization will take on the pre-owned games market later this year, with a model designed to appeal to both sides.

Why EA Will Come Crawling Back to Valve

Chad takes time to rant about the two possibilities of EA’s pulling of games from Steam.

Industry Analyst Takes a Tough (to Stomach) Stance on Team Bondi Allegations

Michael Pachter addresses the state of long working hours and expected overtime in the games industry.

Digital Distribution Services Vs. Revenue: Robert Boyd Speaks Out About Disparity for Indie Games

Zeboyd Games head shares his thoughts about the journey his games have taken from “stuck in Limbo” to “instant success”.

Virtual Reality on Sony’s Agenda

Sony talks about bringing cool stuff from the future to the present. That’s fine by us.

PopCap Games Should Stay on Steam, Says EA

In the wake of PopCap’s acquisition by EA, we asked the publishing company what plans they have for the casual game developer’s future.

X-Com Publisher Claims Strategy Is a Dead Genre, Angers Chad

2K’s Christoph Hartmann claims strategy “isn’t contemporary”; Chad spends time thinking up fresh insults and insight.

Videogame Soundtrack Album to Raise Money for Japanese Earthquake Survivors

Play for Japan: The Album, a collection of videogame music, is helping to raise money for the Japanese Red Cross.

Why the Hell Don’t Game Developers Have a Bill of Rights?

With the recent emails coming out from Team Bondi’s employers about their work conditions, I ask a simple question: Why the hell don’t game developers have a Bill of Rights?

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