3DS Joystick Add-On Confirmed by Nintendo

Long-running rumours of a second joystick add-on for the 3DS are confirmed to be true.

PES 2012 Cover Revealed: A Wild Ronaldo Appears!

Cristiano Ronaldo to feature on PES 2012 cover.

3DS Ambassador Program Goes Live in NA & Japan

Go download now!

Gargoyle’s Quest Available This Week on EU Nintendo 3DS eShop

Help Firebrand save the Ghoul Realm by downloading this Game Boy classic on Virtual Console.

Tekken 3D Prime Edition Trailer

Tekken 3D Prime Edition

Tekken + 3DS = Excitement!

3DS Sales Success for Nintendo After Price Cut

Nintendo’s price cut is super effective, but will it last?

First Look: Pokémon Rumble Blast (Screenshots Included)

We take an in-depth look at Nintendo’s latest Pokémon offering and see what it’s all about. More details and screenshots inside!

Should Nintendo Develop for iOS Devices?

As Nintendo continues to take a battering from its first quarter losses and poor 3DS sales, investors and analysts start to offer alternatives that could propel the company back to full strength. One of those ideas is for the Big N to start developing for iOS devices, such as the iPhone. If Nintendo ever did this, what would it look like? Martin puts on his speculating hat and tries to answer the question on many people’s minds: should Nintendo develop for iOS devices?

Nintendo Announces “Flame Red” 3DS & Games to Come

New colour and games on the way to Nintendo’s floundering system.

US Customers Get the Best of Both 3DS Worlds for a Limited Time

In the epic clash of Nintendo vs. consumers, Walmart is the sneaky assassin who strikes unexpectedly out of the shadows, with a 2-day interrupt attack. Roll the dice!

New “Iwata Asks” Spills the Beans on Starfox Series

Want to know more about how the Starfox series came into being? You’d better read this then!

Nintendo Confident About Q4 Success

In a more upbeat statement, Nintendo claims that it is on track for a smashing Christmas

Satoru Iwata Issues Personal Apology to 3DS Owners

Satoru Iwata

Nintendo addresses its fans in very un-Nintendo form: directly.

3DS Mii Plaza to Receive New Features Later in Year

What about Mii?

Nintendo to Add Paid Item Transactions to 3DS and Wii U Online Networks

DLC is coming to Nintendo. Who’d have thunk it?

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Gets European Release Date

The spin-off of the Dragon Quest series is back and it has more monsters than ever.

RPG & Football Combine in Inazuma Eleven for DS – Coming to UK 26 August, 2011!

Like football? Love RPGs? Then Inazuma Eleven might be right up your alley!

Canceled: Mega Man Legends 3

What does the future hold for the franchise and Capcom?

Final Fantasy Music/Rhythm Title in the Works

Theater + Rhythm = Theatrhythm… Huh, simple.

Gameplay Trailer for F1 2011 Released

Codemasters is waving the checkered flag to send its upcoming Formula One racer full speed ahead.

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