Nintendo Sweetens Skyward Sword Collector’s Edition, Leprechauns Left Destitute

Image of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Box Art

For those willing to pay a little more, the Skyward Sword Collector’s Edition will be worth its weight in gold.

Dragon Quest X Officially Unveiled to the World

Square Enix finally spills the beans on the next in the Dragon Quest series.

PES 2012 Cover Revealed: A Wild Ronaldo Appears!

Cristiano Ronaldo to feature on PES 2012 cover.

Back to the Future: The Game, Coming to Wii

Telltale Games announce their new publishing agreement with Nintendo, with Back to the Future: The Game hopefully paving the way for more new titles to come.

Kirby’s Return to Wii Dated for North America

Stand clear! Kirby’s inbound for Wii once more!

New “Slimline” Wii Console…Is the Same Size As the Original

Looks like the Wii didn’t need to go on a diet after all.

Pandora’s Tower and The Last Story Will Release in Europe

Pandora’s Tower and The Last Story are most certainly making their way to European Wii consoles in 2012, says Nintendo at Gamescom.

Skyward Sword Inbound for November Release

Skyward Sword gets a European release date of 18 November. Link is nearly here!

New Slimline Wii Announced for Europe

Nintendo announce a new size-0 Wii model exclusive to Europe. No GameCube support, though.

More Wii Games Added to “Nintendo Selects” Range

Four additional titles for the value range, including the smash-hit Super Mario Galaxy.

Should Nintendo Develop for iOS Devices?

As Nintendo continues to take a battering from its first quarter losses and poor 3DS sales, investors and analysts start to offer alternatives that could propel the company back to full strength. One of those ideas is for the Big N to start developing for iOS devices, such as the iPhone. If Nintendo ever did this, what would it look like? Martin puts on his speculating hat and tries to answer the question on many people’s minds: should Nintendo develop for iOS devices?

Nintendo Launches “Let’s Play” Xenoblade Chronicles YouTube Channel

Get a feel for Monolith Soft’s upcoming Wii RPG with YouTube videos.

Modern Warfare 3 Coming to Wii

The year’s biggest game is coming to Nintendo’s little console.

Kirby Wii Renamed

Kirby gets a name change; remains pink and puffy.

Xenoblade Chronicles to Release Earlier than Scheduled

Nintendo has a surprise for its European fans.

Final Fantasy VI on Virtual Console

One of the most revered titles in the Final Fantasy franchise has come to Wii Virtual Console at last!

More Skyward Sword Details Revealed

An interview with Eiji Aonuma in Famitsu magazine unveils many unknown aspects about Skyward Sword.

Nintendo Says No to Operation Rainfall Campaign

Nintendo responds to the fan-fuelled campaign for Japanese Wii titles.

Xenoblade Chronicles EU Release Date Announced

Highly-anticipated Wii RPG finally gets a release date for European territories

Skyward Sword Contains a Key Musical Instrument

Will Link use the ocarina once more? Unlikely, but he needs something to play his way to victory!

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