Persona 2 Launching on PSP With a Little Something Extra

PSP owners will get a bonus with early copies of this month’s Persona 2: Innocent Sin.

Max Payne 3 Inbound for March 2012 Release

Max returns early next year. Or should it be: “Maxxxxxx returrrrrrrrns earrrrlyyyy neeeexxxxt yearrrrrrrr”? (That’s the slow mo, see?)

Ex-Homeland Security Chief Hired by Sony

After April’s hack attack on Sony and the Playstation Network, new measures are being taken to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Dragon’s Dogma to Be Playable at Tokyo Game Show

Dragon’s Dogma will have two playable quests available at Tokyo Game Show, along with new details about party formation and the open world.

Dungeon Siege III Becomes Even More Well-Rounded With First Expansion DLC

First DLC expansion adds plenty of new content to the recent action RPG.

2D Side-Scrolling Returns in War of the Worlds

With Sir Patrick Stewart to guide you, is there even any doubt that you’ll make it through the Martian invasion unscathed?

First Human Revolution DLC Announced, “The Missing Link”

The first Human Revolution DLC sees Adam Jensen imprisoned aboard a freighter with trusty augmentations disabled.

PES 2012 Cover Revealed: A Wild Ronaldo Appears!

Cristiano Ronaldo to feature on PES 2012 cover.

More Mass Effect 3 Screenshots for You to Feast Your Eyes on

Get an even closer look at BioWare’s upcoming RPG blockbuster.

Dead Island Launch Trailer Has Zombies, Surprisingly

Feeding pop culture’s voracious zombie addiction, here’s Deep Silver’s launch trailer for the upcoming Dead Island.

Mass Effect 3 Completes Shepard’s Story, Universe Lives On

Mass Effect 3 will be the final time you will Commander Shepard-endorse any store on the Citadel, but it might not be the last time you see Omega.

Hawken Story Teased in New Trailer

The story behind indie mech-shooter, Hawken, is teased in this new trailer.

FemShep: The Public Have Spoken

In her head-to-head with the blonde, redhead Shepard emerges victorious as the default “FemShep” for Mass Effect 3.

Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PC)

Chad puts on his mirrorshades and unravels the conspiracies at the heart of Eidos Montreal’s prequel to Deus Ex.

Skyrim DLC Coming to 360 First

Bethesda get a little ahead of themselves once again, and announce Skyrim’s DLC is coming to the Xbox 360 first.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations “Ultimate Bundle” Revealed

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations gets a shiny Ultimate Bundle courtesy of GameStop.

Bethesda Leaves a Trail of Images Like Breadcrumbs on the Road to Skyrim

16 new tantalizing images of Skyrim, featuring the character races in spectacular glory.

First Impressions: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Demo

Chad steps into the armor of the Emperor’s best and indulges in a few glorious moments of battle.

We Asked for This: Human Revolution Launch Trailer

You there! Are you a ghost hiding behind lies and proxy soldiers? Well then, this new Human Revolution launch trailer may encourage you to show yourself.

Mass Effects Promised for Series Players; Meanwhile, ME3 Is Billed as Standalone Title

Shepherd, Wrex, Miranda - Mass Effect 3 demo

Fear not, Mass Effect regulars: though ME3 is being called a ‘standalone title’, choices made in the first two games will still play a big part in epic trilogy-ender.

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