Persona 2 Launching on PSP With a Little Something Extra

PSP owners will get a bonus with early copies of this month’s Persona 2: Innocent Sin.

New Phantom Kingdom Portable Details

Phantom Kingdom Portable on schedule for September 22 release in Japan with new character and scenario; also, new illustration gallery available.

PES 2012 Cover Revealed: A Wild Ronaldo Appears!

Cristiano Ronaldo to feature on PES 2012 cover.

Talisman of Death Fighting Fantasy Mini in the Works

A new Mini based on the Fighting Fantasy adventure books is being developed for the PlayStation store.

Konami Reveals Metal Gear, Zone of the Enders and Silent Hill HD Collections

Konami is giving three of its popular series an HD makeover. Be excited.

E3 2011 Countdown: Sony

In the second part of our E3 2011 Countdown series, Rexly discusses what we might be seeing from Sony at this year’s convention.

PlayStation Store Re-Opening Unsure, Targeted for End of May

While the PSN allows online play and PlayStation Home, its marketplace is still missing in action.

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Levels Up With Special Edition

Just a few days after announcing the “Legacy Edition” of Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy for the PlayStation Portable, Square-Enix follows up with an announcement for the Special Edition of the upcoming European release of Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Levels Up with Legacy Edition

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, the oddly-named prequel to Square-Enix’s blockbuster Final Fantasy mash-up fighting game, will be getting the limited edition treatment when it his PSPs in Europe March 25.

Friday Roundtable: What Are Your Thoughts on the Sony NGP and Is It a Rival to the 3DS?

What Are Your Thoughts On The Sony NGP and Is It a Rival to the 3DS? We ask the team.

Sony Announces “New Gaming Portable”!

Sony announced the highly-anticipated, yet worst kept, secret, the PSP 2, codenamed “New Gaming Portable” or NGP at its press event in Japan today.

PSP Successor to “Rival PS3 Graphics”

IGN is reporting that a reliable source has given them the download on some of the PSP 2’s capabilities and specifications.

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