Sunday Morning Cheer: Portal: No Escape

Chell makes another attempt at freedom in this short film filled with plenty of space-bending action.

Sunday Morning Cheer: Portal Proposal

Wedding bells are ringing… through the use of videogames!

Sunday Morning Cheer: Actual Reality Metal Slug

Metal Slug is dropped into the actualverse for some retribution.

Sunday Morning Cheer: Game of Thrones 16-Bit RPG brings to life HBO’s Game of Thrones as a 16-bit RPG – or at least a few snarky scenes from it.

Sunday Morning Cheer: Mario Meets With His Agent

Mario wouldn’t be the man his is today without some exceptional PR on his side in the early days: meet Mario’s agent!

Sunday Morning Cheer: The Legend of Cucco

This is but one of the legends of which people speak…

Sunday Morning Cheer: Nathan Fillion PSA

Nathan Fillion is our hero, since he’s saving our collective asses!

Sunday Morning Cheer: Mario on Paper

We all knew it would happen sooner or later: Mario’s become a menace to society!

Sunday Morning Cheer: Final Fantasy VI Anime

Re-Anime-ated Originally taken from Japanese streaming video site Nico Nico Douga, this video is sadly not an official Final Fantasy-themed anime. Rather, it is a fan-made film, in which the opening and closing scenes of 2005’s Full Metal Alchemist have been altered slightly by tracing and re-drawing, so that the video now features characters from FFVI (FFIII … Continue reading

Sunday Morning Cheer: Booth Babe Videogame Quiz

Whether you can answer each of these questions correctly or have never even heard of The Legend of Zelda or Pokemon, somehow we ALL come out as winners with this quiz!

Sunday Morning Cheer: Lego Bioshock

Sure Rapture’s a place where a city’s entire population was slaughtered or brutally mutated…but it sure looks cute ‘n’ pretty in Lego blocks!

Sunday Morning Cheer: Mortal Kombat: Legacy

“Get over here!” and watch this amazingly well-made web series about your favorite the-fate-of-the-world-hinges-on-this-tournament Kombatants.

Sunday Morning Cheer: L.A. Noire – Deleted Cases

Animator Johnny Utah’s ribbing of the type of realistic discrimination shown in Rockstar’s L.A. Noire.

Sunday Morning Cheer: College Saga

Mark Leung’s College Saga, episodes 1-4, tells a Final Fantasy-inspired tale about the horrors of vegetarianism. Yeah.

Sunday Morning Cheer: Ultimate Utopia XXIII

A group of four adventurers gets into a turn-based battle with an “epic” monster and summons creatures to aid them…sound like a game we all know and love?

Sunday Morning Cheer: Want You Gone Hard Rock Rendition

Enjoy a heavier rendition of Jonathan Coulton’s Portal ending theme.

Sunday Morning Cheer: Outside Aperture

Did Chell truly escape Aperture after the first Portal? Is she able to move on with life? Most importantly: does she ever get any cake? This fan-film answer all these questions and more.

Sunday Morning Cheer: The Lost 16-Bit Dr. Who Videogame

A 16-bit videogame version of the show Dr. Who travels forward in time and announces itself to the world.

Sunday Morning Cheer: Gummy Bears Animation of Classic Gaming Moments

Gummy Bears: fun to eat…and to watch as they animate classic gaming moments!

Sunday Morning Cheer: Diablo Lore in a Minute

Get your lore on…Diablo style.

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