Top 5: Game Endings

In this edition of our Top 5, we say to hell with gameplay, art style, and level design; the ending’s where it’s at, Baby!

Top 5: Sidekicks

Because Mario will never outjump Toad; because Jak just can’t out-smartmouth Daxter; because Sora’s got zero chance against the Heartless without Donald and Goofy…we show some love to the videogame sidekick.

Top 5: Star Wars Games

These aren’t the Top 5 lists you’re looking for…these are our Top 5 Star Wars games.

Top 5: Videogame Weapons

The BnB team dusts off some favorite pieces from their virtual armories, and shares them with you.

Top 5: Videogame Locations

The crew share some of their favorite places to visit when not chained to the real world.

Top 5: Best Representations of Women in Gaming

Ten different Top 5 lists for the best representations of women in gaming. Check out our lists, and then give us your own.

Top 5 Music to Substitute Gaming Soundtracks

Occasionally a game could be really long, but offer a limited musical range. Other times you might want to set your own musical tone. And once in a while, a game’s music can just plain suck. Whatever the reason, some of us like to listen to our own tunes while playing videogames.

Top 5: Our 5 Most Underrated Games of All-Time

Are there a few titles in your videogame pile that deserve a mention but are seemingly forgotten?

Top 5: The Hardest Bosses

Some members of Bits ‘n’ Bytes have provided a list of the top five hardest bosses that they have ever faced. It has taken a while to beat them, and so on this Thanksgiving day (for us Americans) and on just another regular day in any other part of the world, be thankful that you … Continue reading

TOP 5: Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis Games

Some of the staff here at Bits ‘n’ Bytes list off their favorite SNES and SEGA era game games. Let us know what your Top 5 games of the 16-Bit era.

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