The Games That Made Us Gamers: Sid Meier’s Pirates!

Tom takes a look back at his favourite childhood pastime – hunting for buried treasure.

Should Nintendo Develop for iOS Devices?

As Nintendo continues to take a battering from its first quarter losses and poor 3DS sales, investors and analysts start to offer alternatives that could propel the company back to full strength. One of those ideas is for the Big N to start developing for iOS devices, such as the iPhone. If Nintendo ever did this, what would it look like? Martin puts on his speculating hat and tries to answer the question on many people’s minds: should Nintendo develop for iOS devices?

Review: Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard HD (iPad)

Martin’s breaching and entering in Gameloft’s rendition of the popular Rainbow Six series. Is Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard worth the sweat and tears? Find out inside.

Review: 9mm (iOS)

Martin’s locked and loaded as he delves into a gunfight with 9mm. Is it the perfect shot that Gameloft has been promising?

Friday Roundtable: The Big 4: Will Apple Change the Games Industry?

As Apple’s popularity continues to grow at a ridiculous pace, Seb, Tom, Chad, and Armand look past the mountains of portable audio players and tablets to discuss one of gaming’s most burning issues: Will Apple change the games industry?

The Fish Dies in the End – Updated & Fishier than Ever

Have more mad-cap adventures under the sea in the new and improved version of The Fish Dies in the End.

Review: Block Breaker 3: Unlimited (iOS)

Is this Breakout clone worth your hard-earned dollar? Read our review to see if you should “break” the bank for it or “block” this title out forever.

Gameloft Summer iOS Sale – Now On!

Need some bargains for when you’re gaming on the move? Let Gameloft help you out with their latest sale!

Review: Tinkerbox HD (iPad)

Tinkerbox HD Review

Kyle takes a look at Tinkerbox HD, an imaginative construction-puzzle game for the iPad!

Get Braveheart HD, for FREE!

Braveheart HD for the iPad is FREE, but only for this week!

GT Racing: Motor Academy Trailer

The new GT Racing: Motor Academy trailer for iOS devices.

Review: Tiny Wings (iOS)

What is it with birds and mobile games? First we had the hugely popular Angry Birds, and now Tiny Wings. Tiny Wings is a bit of a change when it comes to games, in more than one way.

Thoughts on iPad 2’s Gaming Performance

iPad 2 is, of course, the second generation of the wildly popular iPad. With the release of this new device, there come some much needed upgrades that will better enhance gameplay on the iPad.

Tiny Wings Trailer

The new Tiny Wings trailer. Can it top Angry Birds?

Minecraft to Get Official iOS Release This Year

Markus Persson (a.k.a. Notch), the original creator of the phenomenal Minecraft, announced today that the game would be receiving an official iPhone and iPad release later this year.

My Grandma, the Angry Birds Nerd!

Angry Birds really is the little game that could. But can it make non-gamers into gamers? Well, yes: let me tell you how my grandmother got addicted to Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Is Now FREE on the iPad!

Exciting news today in the app gaming world! Angry Birds HD is now free for the Apple iPad.

Year in Review 2010: Apple iOS

Kyle breaks down the year’s ups and downs for 2010 on the iOS side of things, and gazes into his crystal ball to see what 2011 will hold in store.

App Quick Pick: Tight Wire

Tight Wire is both annoying and fun at the same time. The game is simple: you have to guide a fat guy across a tightrope, without falling. Let me tell you now, this is seriously hard!

Flick Buddies Coming to iPhone and iPad Mid December

Flick Buddies and Flick Buddies HD are coming out December 15th for the iPhone and iPad courtesy of Bane Games.

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