Sunday Morning Cheer: Portal: No Escape

Chell makes another attempt at freedom in this short film filled with plenty of space-bending action.

Sunday Morning Cheer: Portal Proposal

Wedding bells are ringing… through the use of videogames!

Top 5: Game Endings

In this edition of our Top 5, we say to hell with gameplay, art style, and level design; the ending’s where it’s at, Baby!

Friday Roundtable: Indie Gaming: Clique, Sub-Industry or the Future?

Has mainstream gaming lost its way in a vast, dark forest of annual sequels and miserly investors? Is indie gaming the David to the Goliath: against all odds, will it save us all from stagnation? In this week’s Friday Roundtable, the team share their thoughts on the industry’s smaller scale.

Sunday Morning Cheer: Want You Gone Hard Rock Rendition

Enjoy a heavier rendition of Jonathan Coulton’s Portal ending theme.

Sunday Morning Cheer: Outside Aperture

Did Chell truly escape Aperture after the first Portal? Is she able to move on with life? Most importantly: does she ever get any cake? This fan-film answer all these questions and more.

Top 5: Videogame Weapons

The BnB team dusts off some favorite pieces from their virtual armories, and shares them with you.

Portal 2 DLC Will Be FREE!

Portal 2 Review

Portal 2 DLC announced. It will be FREE!!!

Review: Portal 2 (PC)

Portal 2 Review

A review of the PC version of Valve’s latest game, Portal 2. Or, how I fell in love with the greatest game ever made.

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