Max Payne 3 Inbound for March 2012 Release

Max returns early next year. Or should it be: “Maxxxxxx returrrrrrrrns earrrrlyyyy neeeexxxxt yearrrrrrrr”? (That’s the slow mo, see?)

Dead Island Launch Trailer Has Zombies, Surprisingly

Feeding pop culture’s voracious zombie addiction, here’s Deep Silver’s launch trailer for the upcoming Dead Island.

Skyward Sword Inbound for November Release

Skyward Sword gets a European release date of 18 November. Link is nearly here!

Vita Will Not Release in North America or Europe Until 2012

The sooth-sayers foretold it! They read it in the entrails! The gods have been angered! The Vita will not release in North America or Europe until 2012! Aieee!

Xenoblade Chronicles to Release Earlier than Scheduled

Nintendo has a surprise for its European fans.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U Is Still Years Away, Says Sakurai

The next Super Smash Bros. will not arrive before the 2012 Apocalypse.

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