CoG 2011: Credit Where Credit is Due

Richard Horsefield takes an analytical look at one of gaming’s most ignored aspects. You know, that part when the credits roll?

Dragon’s Dogma to Be Playable at Tokyo Game Show

Dragon’s Dogma will have two playable quests available at Tokyo Game Show, along with new details about party formation and the open world.

The Games That Made Us Gamers: Super Mario World

Martin takes a look back at the game that changed his life forever: Super Mario World.

New “Slimline” Wii Console…Is the Same Size As the Original

Looks like the Wii didn’t need to go on a diet after all.

GTA Trilogy Making Its Way Onto Mac App Store

GTA gets the Apple treatment.

3DS Sales Success for Nintendo After Price Cut

Nintendo’s price cut is super effective, but will it last?

Review: Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard HD (iPad)

Martin’s breaching and entering in Gameloft’s rendition of the popular Rainbow Six series. Is Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard worth the sweat and tears? Find out inside.

Xenoblade Chronicles EU Release Date Announced

Highly-anticipated Wii RPG finally gets a release date for European territories

Dragon Quest X Coming to Wii U?

Wii-only upcoming Dragon Quest sequel may see a Wii U release.

The Child of Eden Experience – Multi-Sensory Overload

Guest writer Edd Robinson was recently able to get his hands on (or rather, wave them around to) Child of Eden at the Child of Eden Experience in London. Wondering what he thought of the much-anticipated Kinect shooter? Check out his full preview inside!

Review: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS)

Martin takes a leaf out of Link’s book and travels back in time to the land of Hyrule. Ocarina of Time is back in 3D with a few new enhancements. Does it stand the test of time? Check out Martin’s extensive review inside.

Minecraft Sells 2.5 Million Copies

Minecraft has hit the old 2.5 million mark…

Hitman: Absolution Trailer

View the trailer for the first Hitman game in over five years!

Star Trek Trailer Is Out of This World!

Star Trek the Game, going where no videogame has gone before.

Street Fighter X Tekken Coming to PSV

The 3DS isn’t the only handheld console that has a portable version of a Street Fighter game anymore.

Resistance 3 Demoed and Detailed at E3

Resistance 3 features at the Sony E3 conference. Come inside to find out all the latest details!

Trackmania 2 Burning Its Way Round the Track to You This September

Grab your helmet (and don’t forget your track editing skills while you’re at it) and get ready to race!

Rayman Origins: Classic Co-Op Sidescrolling Fun

Rayman is back in glorious 2D – and he’s looking very good!

Power A Releases Some HOT New Controllers

Power A to showcase a few new controllers at E3!

Tough as Nails: Spider-Man & X-Men: Arcade’s Revenge

Martin dons his costume and attempts to be a superhero. Unfortunately, this game doesn’t make him feel particularly super.

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