The Games That Made Us Gamers: Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles

Guest writer Jeremy Thackray recalls the good ol’ days of multiplayer hack ‘n’ slash. Join him as he discusses Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles.

3DS Joystick Add-On Confirmed by Nintendo

Long-running rumours of a second joystick add-on for the 3DS are confirmed to be true.

Missing in Action: Jedi Knight

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Martin played one of the greatest Star Wars videogame series ever made. But did this once-celebrated series disappear during the Great Purge, or is it hiding out on the planet of Dagobah waiting to one day bring balance back to the Force?

Top 5: Videogame Weapons

The BnB team dusts off some favorite pieces from their virtual armories, and shares them with you.

Sunday Morning Cheer: Gummy Bears Animation of Classic Gaming Moments

Gummy Bears: fun to eat…and to watch as they animate classic gaming moments!

Friday Roundtable: DLC, Pre-Order Bonuses and Micropayments

Do DLC, pre-order bonuses and micropayments detract from or add to the gaming experience? It’s all about the extras in this week’s Friday Roundtable.

Kama Sutra on Consoles?

A unique adult-oriented title, Kama Sutra: Connected, is announced by rookie development studio, X-Rated Studios.

BnB’s Editor on Internet TV Show Look Further

Martin Watts, editor of BnBGaming, appears on internet TV show Look Further.

An Educational Videogame that Just Might Work

We have a serious education crisis taking place in the United States right now. We need new solutions to help kids not only enjoy, but excel in learning. One path to saving education might be in videogames. Read on to see how MMOs like World of Warcraft could save our failing educational system.

Missing in Action: Will We Ever See A New Republic Commando Game?

Martin takes a look back at one of the best games in the Star Wars franchise and discusses why a sequel has yet to emerge.

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