The Games That Made Us Gamers: Warcraft II – Tides of Darkness

Chad sets sail on the Tides of Darkness and fondly looks back on the bloodshed that was Warcraft II.

A Look Back at Mac Gaming

Long before the Apple logo could be found in every other person’s pocket, long before the iPod, the Intel switch, or the hipster worship of everything Steve Jobs gives/dumps on them, Apple was a struggling computer manufacturer.

Blizzard Achieves Cataclysmic Sales With Latest WoW Expansion

It’s not exactly surprising, but Blizzard Entertainment’s latest expansion pack World of Warcraft: Cataclysm managed to sell a whopping 3.3 million copies in the first twenty-four hours of its release.

Blizzard Planning a Fourth Expansion for WoW

As if Cataclysm wasn’t enough, Blizzard already has plans for a fourth expansion for World of Warcraft.

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