Martin Watts |Editor-in-Chief | Reading, UK

Martin Watts is the self-appointed Supreme Leader, President for Life, Field Marshal, and Doctor, VC, DSO, MC, CBE for Bits ‘n’ Bytes Gaming since October 2010, a man on a fanatical mission to accomplish the site’s long-term goal of taking over the world.  When taking a break from world domination, he enjoys collecting all things Nintendo 64, usually over a tumbler of Glenfiddich whiskey with a slice of Battenburg cake on the side.

Twitter: @Martin_BnB  | PSN: Pookiablo  | XBL: MegaWatts_LX  | Email

 Declan Burrowes | Managing Editor – Europe | Dublin, Ireland

The half-blood offspring of English/Irish parents, Declan is currently pursuing a history degree in Dublin to find his true self. Well, not really: he just likes swords and castles. What he really likes is playing videogames. A PC gamer at heart but a 360 convert, Declan enjoys epic adventures, loud explosions and, to his embarrassment, management/tycoon games. When not holding a controller, he likes to be cynical and a fierce, anachronistic royalist. He also likes dogs and gentlemanly outdoorsmanship.

XBL: The Decman | Steam: thedecman | Email

 Pascal Tekaia | Managing Editor – North America | Tampa, FL

Pascal is a life-long gamer who just managed to squeeze himself into the generation known as “X”. Hailing from the harsh temperate climates of the Vaterland Germany, this sometimes bearded mountain-man divides his time between providing guidance and academic successes to troubled teens as a school teacher by day, and inflicting harsh deadlines and unreasonable demands to troubled writers as a BnB editor by night. You’ll likely find him playing RPGs or adventure games on  any of his extensive collection of current and retro gaming consoles.

PSN: SquiggyLeo | XBL: LeoSquiggy | Email

 Armand Kossayan | Writer | Los Angeles, CA

Armand lacks the creativity to come up with something clever or witty for his bio. He is using this sorry excuse for a personal description as an indefinite placeholder with the hope that he will one day find sudden inspiration, and come up with something actually worthwhile to say. In the mean time, Armand can confirm that he does, indeed, enjoy videogames. “They’re neat!”


 Sebastian Force | Writer | New York, NY

Sebastian is BnB’s resident angry man and the creator of Forcetime, the essence of the universe. New York City bred spewer of incendiary rhetoric, Sebastian has been writing, debating, and arguing about games for  more than ten years, and playing them for even more than that. Specializes in volatile opinions, but tries to treat everyone as fair as possible.  His favorite games include Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy X, Dead Space, Sonic Adventure and MK: Shaolin Monks. He is repulsed by Assassin’s Creed, Too Human and Cammie Dunaway. And, you know, idiots.

Twitter: @amarutuf |PSN: dojita | XBL: dojitahurts | Email

 Rexly Penaflorida II | Writer | Chicago, IL

Rexly is the youngest of the founding members of BnB. Hailing from Chicago, he can be found down south in the University of Missouri most of the year majoring in journalism. When he is not studying, Rexly enjoys playing World of Warcraft, stealth action titles or any racing game. Or, he could be wasting countless hours watching Doctor Who. Rexly’s other methods of wasting time include (in decreasing degrees of difficulty) playing Magic: The Gathering, struggling to work out and socializing. He used to like long walks on the beach, but he’d rather swim.

Twitter: @Heirdeux | PSN: HEIRDEUX | Email

 Chad Morelock | Writer | San Diego, CA

Chad joined the site in January of 2011, and since then has been hacking out reviews, editorials, and the occasional rabid complaint. While most at home with strategy games and RPGs, he’s no stranger to action, simulation, or adventure games. The only genre he really doesn’t like is sports, which reminds him that people do in fact go outside from time to time. When not hunched over a keyboard he also plays tabletop RPGs, reads a lot and stuffs his face with pizza and Chinese food.

Steam: Reviewgamesh | PSN: Reviewgamesh | Email

 Tom Rippon | Writer | Oxford, UK

 Tom is a nineteen-year-old creative writing student who likes to fill his time with gaming rather than studying. If you were to walk into the crater he calls his bedroom, you would probably witness his flawless FPS (but questionable RPG) skills. He joined the BnB team in July 2011.



Twitter: @lairdtom | XBL: Laird Tom | Email

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